Bonbo comparison
Reasons for cooperation

    4.1 charter

    The frequency inverter controls speed and motor turning direction.

    Design in C decreasing side approaches in single girder versions

    Improved materials used increasing hoist life span

  • 2.Reliable products

    3.1 Best Product Performance

    Complete hoist 100% imported from headquarter.Longer service life Maximum safety.Maximum productivity performanceHigh robustness and lower maintenance.

  • 3.Advanced Technology

    2.1  Advanced production facilities

    Development of specialized facilities and tools for metal fabrication, machining, electrical installation and crane assembly

    2.2 Adequate processes 

    Development of total-quality oriented processes,Design Apply the most strict FEM standard.Own design ensures ability to provide a wide range of solutions.Modular design helps maintenance work.Modern design including latest technology in speed and operation control.

  • 4.Experience

    1.1 Years in the Market 

    50 years on the market back up our experience 

    GH is the oldest integral manufacturer in Spanish market 

    Extensive product and market knowledge 

    1.2 International Presence

    Global facilities( Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Brazil)  

    Sales experience( more than 50 countries) 

    1.3 Wide Range of Solutions 

    Different customer requirements have motivated us to develop a full range of solutions 

  • 5.Safe and reliable, low failure rate, effective saving plant operating costs, reduce downtime

    Cranes are special equipment, the greater the risk. In the event of an accident, it will cause serious property damage and casualties. Various countries have developed regulations and standards to regulate the safety performance of lifting machinery.

    GH / BONBO cranes use the most stringent standards, according to the European FEM, CE and ISO9001 requirements, from the design concept, machine configuration, material selection, process, factory testing and other links to ensure that GH crane equipment safety and maintenance Sex.

    Hoisting machinery of the insecurity of the main factors are the following:

    Human factors such as operator errors, lack of professional skills, or use of unit regulatory issues

    The quality of the lifting equipment, especially the key components such as hoisting mechanisms, wire ropes, brakes, overload limiters, height limiters, etc.

    GH / BONBO crane has a reliable, comprehensive and effective protection: short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, lack of protection, overheating protection, also includes the following important functions:

    Overload limiter or load accumulator (for main and auxiliary hooks to ensure that the total load does not exceed the rated load)

    Height limiter: Level 3 limit, including safety punch limit

    The size of the car trip cross switch

    The size of the car mechanical stop

    Crane photoelectric anti-collision: with a unique limit shielding function\

    Overload design: overload capacity

    GH / BONBO provide effective training and equipped with a sound after-sales service system to ensure customer satisfaction and product durability.

    Even if the procurement of cranes without major safety problems, but the use of continuous failure, not only caused by rising production costs, and seriously affect the production efficiency.

    Lifting equipment used in the process of common faults and GH cranes to take countermeasures analysis as follows. It can be seen that all parts of the crane are interrelated and that any design or manufacturing of a ring may be problematic and may affect the production process. 

  • 6.Low energy consumption, effective saving plant operating costs

    Crane energy consumption is mainly electricity, machine installed capacity by the cart to run the motor, car running motor, the main hoisting motor and auxiliary hoisting motor components. GH / BONBO crane structure is simple and compact, small weight, and through the variable frequency motor control hoist operation, low energy consumption. Crane energy consumption reduced ...

    Through the above analysis, the use of GH / BONBO cranes, plant costs and operating energy costs can be reduced costs:

    Rounds of construction costs 150 yuan × 192 meters workshop × (24 +30 +30 +24) meters 4 across = 311 million

    Height and limit size to reduce the total construction costs of 3.277 million yuan

    20 years to reduce energy costs 415 × 20 × 250 × 8 × 0.6 × 0.9 = 8.96 million yuan

    The total cost of 15.373 million yuan.

    In addition, other returns from GH / BONBO Continental cranes can not be calculated or quantified, including:

    Bearing beam to save costs, crane weight increase of 1 ton: bearing beams, columns, the foundation has changed.

    Bearing beam costs increased by 5,000 yuan

    Column costs increased by about 3,000 yuan

    Basic costs increased by about 3,000 yuan

    Crane cover a small cause of plant lighting facilities to reduce

    Plant modernization and corporate image to enhance the level

    Maintenance costs (basic maintenance-free)

    Crane due to low failure rate, low loss of production

    In the procurement of crane equipment, the cost of procurement of equipment may be higher than the cost of traditional domestic equipment, but from the equipment life cycle considerations, construction costs, use costs, maintenance costs are lower than the same index of domestic conventional cranes.

  • 7.Low height, hook service limit, effectively save the plant cost

    GH / BONBO crane structure design is excellent, compact size, high lifting height hoops, cranes in the case of ensuring the lifting height of the material, the maximum reduction of their height and crane rail elevation, saving the crane above the top of the space to ensure that the The upper part of the factory floor clearance is low. To a certain extent, can reduce the height of the plant, thus saving plant cost.

    As the whole structure is reasonable, small size, small car gauge, the distance between the hook is also reduced accordingly, which greatly enhance the existing plant within the hook of the effective work space, can be a corresponding reduction in part of the steel structure of the investment The

    上图示意能够直观地说明同一厂房,需要同样吨位和规格的龙8娱乐平台,采用GH/BONBO FEM龙8娱乐平台和国产吊钩桥式龙8娱乐平台在龙8娱乐平台自身尺寸和厂房尺寸上的区别。


  • 8.Low pressure, effective saving plant cost

    Most of the industrial plant investment in the steel column, crane beam, roof beam, foundation and other main components. The greater the crane wheel pressure, the greater the amount of steel plant, the higher the cost. According to experience, every 10% increase in wheel pressure, plant crane beam, pillars and the basis of the cost will increase 5% to 7% ... ...