Bonbo comparison
Reasons for cooperation

    4.1 charter

    The frequency inverter controls speed and motor turning direction.

    Design in C decreasing side approaches in single girder versions

    Improved materials used increasing hoist life span

  • 2.Reliable products

    3.1 Best Product Performance

    Complete hoist 100% imported from headquarter.Longer service life Maximum safety.Maximum productivity performanceHigh robustness and lower maintenance.

  • 3.Advanced Technology

    2.1  Advanced production facilities

    Development of specialized facilities and tools for metal fabrication, machining, electrical installation and crane assembly

    2.2 Adequate processes 

    Development of total-quality oriented processes,Design Apply the most strict FEM standard.Own design ensures ability to provide a wide range of solutions.Modular design helps maintenance work.Modern design including latest technology in speed and operation control.

  • 4.Experience

    1.1 Years in the Market 

    50 years on the market back up our experience 

    GH is the oldest integral manufacturer in Spanish market 

    Extensive product and market knowledge 

    1.2 International Presence

    Global facilities( Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Brazil)  

    Sales experience( more than 50 countries) 

    1.3 Wide Range of Solutions 

    Different customer requirements have motivated us to develop a full range of solutions