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Shelf life

To ensure that the supply of equipment from the production quality and design defects, durability time for the government acceptance and licensing within 12 months after the permit.

During the warranty period, Zhejiang Bangbo Machinery Co., Ltd. and its partner GH company Industrias Electromecanicas GH.S.A. products are obliged to replace or repair any quality problems caused by product manufacturing and assembly, and bear all the repair costs.

Problems arising from natural wear, problems caused by human misuse, or problems outside the warranty period are not covered by this warranty.

In response to the tender side of the fault information, found that the quality of the problem, within 4 hours of response, received notice of the tender within 8 hours after the rushed to the scene to solve, free repair or replacement of defective goods or parts. From the fault reported to resume normal operation of the time does not exceed 24 hours, repeated within two years after the warranty period there should be a warranty.

In the event of replacement of parts, the warranty period for the part is postponed from the date of replacement, and the bidder shall bear all the costs of replacement parts.

After the expiration of the warranty period, if the tender party needs paid service or technical service, the bidder arrived at the scene within 24 hours after receiving the notice.