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Transformation and upgrading
Customer Testimonials

1, Bonbo guarantee to provide the product is brand new, not used; is a first-class technology, the best new materials and well-known manufacturers of accessories made of, and in full compliance with the quality of the contract, specifications and technical performance The request. In the correct installation, rational use, timely maintenance of the case, to ensure that the service life with advanced and excellent performance.


2,Bonbo free training and maintenance personnel for the customer, so that trainees can grasp the structure of the equipment principles, technical performance, operating procedures and maintenance skills, to do emergency repair and routine maintenance, and maintenance personnel to establish contact Long-term technical advice and technical support.


3, State Fair in accordance with the requirements of the contract and technical agreement, the warranty period due to product manufacturing, equipment and assembly quality problems and material quality and other issues, in the absence of intentional damage to the premise caused by various types of failure or spare parts damage, our company Commitment to provide customers with free repair or replacement of the corresponding spare parts service;


4, GH after-sales service commitments and measures.


   (1) GH after-sales service agencies and spare parts warehouse set up in Kunshan, Jiangsu, with a comprehensive technical work and efficient after-sales service team to ensure timely and convenient service.


   (2) after-sales service to be on call, the development of service to the scene of the time system, received notice 24 hours to the scene.


   (3) expiry of the warranty period, the crane for supporting the implementation of life-long maintenance services, compliance with the commitment time, and to provide spare parts and technical services at preferential prices.


   (4) according to user requirements to carry out pre-sale services, technical advice, installation commissioning, maintenance and other services.


   (5) long-term preferential supply of equipment accessories, wearing parts and provide the necessary technical support.


5, regular, irregular visits from time to time, timely feedback quality information.