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  • 特重设备制造许可证
  • 特重设备制造许可证
  • 特重设备制造许可证
  • 特重设备制造许可证
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    The success of a business, not only lies in the quality of the product, but also the high value of the brand of the product, we know that the "corporate culture" for the brand building a significant impact, and the development of the establishment of a sound culture system, in good culture Atmosphere, the state Bo people work conspicuously, storm, concentrate on creating crane brand!

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  • Zhejiang Bonbo Machinery Co., Ltd.

     Zhejiang Bangbo Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, is the northern Zhejiang region manufacturing and installation of lifting machinery only has the most professional A-level professional units. Company is located in Zhejiang Province, state-level Huzhou CityEconomic and Technological Development Zone, the traffic environment is convenient, the geographical position is superior, the factory area is 20000m2. Companies imported into the equipment: processing centers, automatic welding molding equipment, paint shot blasting production lines, and other special plane to improve production efficiency.

    Bonbo crane adopts the world's leading energy regeneration transmission technology, set crane research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service in one, mainly produces double girder overhead crane, single girder overhead crane, single and double beam hanging crane, gantry crane , Also has a general metallurgy, shipbuilding, terminal crane production and installation capacity.

    Bonbo crane with A-class bridge crane special equipment manufacturing license, A-class bridge, door, light and small cranes special equipment installation and maintenance permits, ISO9001 quality certification system.

    Companies are familiar with the essential elements of lifting equipment: safety, efficiency, durability, environmental protection, user-friendly, low maintenance rate, perseverance into the consideration of these elements into the company from product development to design and manufacture of every detail.